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i'm camille.
i'm delusional.
i enjoy swearing.
i love taking polaroids.
costume jewelery is fun.
i have a love of garden gnomes.
i want to be/am a disney princess.
chocolate is my greatest weakness.
i jump up and down at various intervals.
i have an overwhelming desire to be 'cool'.
ventriloquist dummies scare the hell out of me.
i dream of wear a tiara everyday and having no shame.
a canon 30d would make me the happiest girl in the world.
& i currently have an obsession wit dire strait's romeo and juliet.

overrides by echoism.
alice in wonderland, amanda bynes, ana nocon, ana paquin, ana sui, andy warhol, angela lindvall, angelina jolie, animal crossing, animals, arrested development, art, betsey johnson, cameras, cameron russel, caroline trentini, caroline winberg, channing tatum, cintia dicker, coldplay, collage, conan o'brien, death cab for cutie, designers, designing, dire straits, disney classics, drawing, edgar allen poe, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, ellen pompeo, emina cunmulaj, everything is illuminated, fashion, fashion photography, fingerless gloves, french, friday night lights, frou frou, gaston leroux, gemma ward, goo goo dolls, graphics, greys anatomy, hayden panettiere, heather marks, hellogoodbye, heroes, i-d magazine, icons, irina lazareanu, jam, jason schwartzman, jeisa chiminazzo, jessica stam, jim/pam, johnny depp, journalism, julia stegner, karen o, kate walsh, katherine heigl, keira knightley, kirsten dunst, knitting, lewis carroll, lily cole, luella, marc by marc jacobs, marc jacobs, maria dvirnik, mariacarla boscono, marie antoinette, milagros schmoll, milo ventimiglia, miu miu, models, mona johannesson, morgane dubled, moschino, music, natalia vodianova, natasha poly, neet magazine, new york, nylon magazine, paire, paris, peter/claire, photography, photoshop, pirate skulls, pirates of the caribbean, pokemon, polaroid cameras, polaroids, polka dots, psych, querelle jansen, rats, romeo and juliet, sandra oh, sarah jessica parker, sasha pivovarova, seinfeld, sewing, sex in the city, shopping, sophie vlaming, supermodels, susan eldridge, tanya d., the killers, the nightmare before christmas, the office, the white stripes, tiiu kuik, ugly betty, violin, vogue, wicked, yeah yeah yeahs, yves saint laurent, z!nk, zooey deschanel